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(Sold Out) RykerMod Steering Stabilizer Bracket Kit with Ohlins Stabilizer.

(Sold Out) RykerMod Steering Stabilizer Bracket Kit with Ohlins Stabilizer.

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Ohlins is the best Stabilizer manufacture bar none... that's why pro's use Ohlins.

RykerMod is proud to offer a bracket kit designed to incorporate a steering stabilizer / damper for your Ryker.

Ryker riders have been looking for a solution for handle bar shake, while riding on rough roads, since the Ryker was initially launched. The feeling of instability can be unsettling and cause some to give up completely on riding due to concerns of safety.

As an engineer, in the automotive industry, with an education in Aerospace, I wanted to offer a product for this wonderful bike and develop a solution that actually works. 

Solutions tried that did not work or work well: 

1. Adjustable rod ends?... Understanding the physics behind suspension dynamics and application, this did not offer any real change for our Rykers. 

2. Upgraded Swaybar? Did stiffen up the ride which reduced ride comfort and in turn did not make any noticeable change to handlebar shake.

The Solution: 

A bracket kit to allow one to install a linear steering stabilizer or damper on the Ryker. The difference is night and day. The Ryker is smooth and responsive which in turn, gives the driver confidence while riding.  This is proven technology that has been around for years in MotoGP, Motocross and the like. 


Takes about 30min to 1Hr. Pictures and simple to follow instructions are included. A  5/32 allen socket, 1/4 allen wrench and 1/2 inch box end wrench is needed.


6061-T6 Aluminum 

Aluclad Alloy Coated Steel Hardware. 

Patent Pending


304 Stainless Steel

Shipping & Returns

We usually ship same day however Shipping can take as long as one week. We do everything we can to ship as soon as we get parts off the laser.

Returns are accepted within 2 weeks of ship date. Items that have been installed are not returnable.


Shipping Box 1 x 12 x 24 inches

Care Instructions

Just good ole car wash soap and water

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