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RykerMod N900 Stainless Swaybar

RykerMod N900 Stainless Swaybar

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Our N900 Stainless sway bar is an exceptional performing unit. N900 material has tighter grain structure than common chrome molly steel alloys used in mass retail sway bars on the market today. Our material is heat treated while being manufactured not afterward. Post heat treating allows for hard or soft spots during the process, creating unreliable performance characteristics. 

N900's deflection properties and high-yield point make it superior to other alloys. Its mechanical properties allow for weight transition smoothly. Most mass-produced sway bars do not. This is why we choose N900, it is consistent all the way through. Repeatable and reliable for proper performance and handling every time.

How they compare. The N900 bar is larger than the 10mm black stock sway bar and also larger than the 12mm Red Rally sway bar. Our bar is 1/2 inch tight grained stainless steel... What does this mean? Mechanically our stainless has a tensile strength of 190psi to where as the all other bars on the market are chrome molly and tops out at about 140psi. Yes our bar is stiffer however this is what makes stainless better. It transitions weight better and smoother so you do not get a harsh ride. The grain structure allows for flex without compensating for just being rigid without flex. This is why it is predominately used in race cars and performance cars.

Other component included in our kits that other manufactures do not offer. Two Super Billet Arms, two Delrin bushing, Two Lateral bump stops and all grade five hardware.

This System is used in SCCA, NASCAR and Formula 1 setups, You will not be disappointed after installing this system.

Components to consider when purchasing this product

Super Billet End links 

RykerMod Steering Stabilizer

A must have for performance or touring riders is our knife edge adjustable sway bar kit. Coming soon for the N900 bar. Sold Separately. 



304 Stainless Steel

Shipping & Returns

We usually ship same day however Shipping can take as long as one week. We do everything we can to ship as soon as we get parts off the laser.

Returns are accepted within 2 weeks of ship date. Items that have been installed are not returnable.


Shipping Box 1 x 12 x 24 inches

Care Instructions

Just good ole car wash soap and water

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