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Tony, July 20 California

Just did the steering stabilizer mod... best money ever spent! My trike is about as stable as my car now. Very little shaking, tracking in ruts, abrupt lane shifting... it's awesome and should come with it stock. If it were available when I did all the other suspension work and I was aware of what it was capable of I probably wouldn't have spent as much time, effort, and cash on all the other stuff...can't recommend it enough. If I had a bitch about anything related to this mod it would be that the clamp bolts to the frame and column are too small for the application. Mine I believe started stripping when torquing to 80 inch lbs. Works fine as is but the bolts should be upgraded. I added a link to what I purchased. There's two models, one with a better quality piston and the universal which I picked up. -Tony

Vinessa, Aug 3 Washington

The new RykerMod steering stabilizer kit installed on my Ryker is absolutely amazing. The handling on the bike is 100% Completely different than what it was bone stock. I'm absolutely loving the new handling. This is truly a game changer. The RykerMod Steering stabilizer kit can now be purchased through BLR TUNING.

Daniel Aug 17 New York

Just installed my ryker mod steering stabilizer kit with the ohlins stabilizer…what a difference…no more handlebar shaking over bumps on highway.

Rocket, Sept 2 Florida

Just installed a Steering Stabilizer and it’s amazing. Handles like a dream. Goodbye Handlebar Shake caused by rough roads and tar snakes. Also eliminates bars pulling to one side while going over large bumps at an angle.

Grigg, Sept 25 Kansas City

This week I installed the steering stabilizer and the sway bar end links. Neither one was really hard to do. Way better. WAY BETTER.

Bill Ramseyer

A product reveiw of our Stablizer from Bill Ramseyer of BLR Tuning

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